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My Holidays Yachting

Your ultimate yacht experience in  Greece , Mediterranean, & Caribbean

Who We Are?

Based in Greece we’ve grown as a company by expanding our number of reputable cooperating partners into ideal geographic areas in Greece, the Mediterranean, and lastly in the Caribbean.

We provide forward-thinking advice, insight, and support to yachting enthusiasts in pursuing their dreams. Our focus is on leading the industry and giving new meaning to clients–a centric yachting experience to private and corporate clients. We specialize in providing candid yachting experience in the Caribbean, Mediterranean & Greece. We are dedicated to empowering our clients’ decision-making in enjoying sailing in our yachts added into our fleet.

Sailing experience with My Holidays presents several ventures for you. Enjoy with our professional skippers with the ultimate freedom & confidence.

Our valued clients call us MY Holiday for some reason, they feel the warmth, ownership, and confidence while they are with us

Now that's a simile. MY Holidays is derived from Mediterranean Yachting Holidays - your trusted partner in having a memorable yachting experience.

A new destination every single day as you wake up in the morning & that's what we bring as a top-notch yachting company!

We offer yachting experiences that are full of amenities, exotic destinations, safe passage, and amazing sightseeing to make your journey a lot more than a typical getaway. We help you embrace uncommon experiences - the secret coves and clear waters of the Mediterranean, beautiful sightseeing of the Caribbean, and the cultural aura of Greece.