Sailing from Lefkas to Parga, Sivota, Corfu Town (Mandraki Harbour), Lakka Paxos, and Gaios and back to Lefkas is a fantastic sailing itinerary. These Greek islands and coastal towns offer stunning landscapes, crystal-clear waters, and charming harbors. Here's a suggested sailing route with some highlights and tips for each destination



Lefkas: Start your journey from Lefkas, where you can find plenty of marinas and facilities to prepare your boat and stock up on supplies. Lefkas has a beautiful coastline and is surrounded by smaller islands, offering various bays and beaches to explore before heading north.



Parga: Parga is a picturesque coastal town with colorful houses, narrow streets, and a lovely Venetian castle overlooking the town. The harbor is a great place to dock your boat and explore the town's taverns and cafes.




Sivota: Sivota is a charming village with crystal-clear waters and beautiful coves. It's an excellent spot for swimming and snorkeling. The main harbor can be busy in the high season, so consider arriving early to secure a berth.




Corfu Town (Mandraki Harbour): Corfu Town is the capital of the island of Corfu and offers a mix of historical charm and vibrant nightlife. The Mandraki Harbour provides good shelter and is close to the Old Town, where you can explore Venetian fortresses, cobbled streets, and visit local markets.



Lakka Paxos: Lakka is a lovely village on the northern tip of Paxos island. The horseshoe-shaped bay offers excellent anchorage, and the surrounding olive groves and clear waters create a serene atmosphere. Enjoy some peaceful relaxation or rent a scooter to explore the island further.



Gaios Paxos: Gaios is the main port and capital of Paxos island. The harbor is well-protected and offers various amenities for sailors. Wander around the charming streets and visit the Venetian fortress for panoramic views of the surrounding areas.



Return to Lefkas:

After exploring Paxos, it's time to head back to Lefkas. You can either sail directly or make some stops at other smaller islands or coastal spots along the way.

There are numerous beautiful locations in the Ionian Sea to explore during your return journey.

Sailing in the Ionian Sea provides generally calm waters, making it suitable for sailors of various skill levels. However, always check weather conditions and forecasts before setting sail. Ensure you have all the necessary safety equipment on board, including life jackets and a first aid kit.


Enjoy your sailing adventure along the beautiful Ionian coastline!