Saronic Gulf Yachting Experience

What You Haven’t Seen Before

Idyllic weather conditions. Irresistible water. Busy marinas! Also known as Gulf of Aegina, Saronic Gulf is famous for yacht charters in Greece. Apart from the spectacular location, this place has its fame for the rich ancient history that attracts sailors and tourists alike. The irresistible waters and shores do not make you think twice before beginning your unique yachting experience from the Saronic Gulf. It’s bad weather won’t disturb your journey, & your yachting is sheltered from the winds all year even during the bad weather - I guess that makes the Saronic Gulf ideal for dream yachting.

The islands will offer you spectacular views and memories for life. From the outskirts of Athens to amazingly busy marinas, sightseeing opportunities to tranquil waters, your next Saronic Gulf experience in a luxury yacht will handle your every sailing fantasy

1. Alimos-Athens – Agia Marina Aegina ( 14 nm)
2. Agia Marina Aegina -Moni Island ( 10 nm)
3. Moni Island – Hydra Port ( 25 nm)
4. Hydra Port -Spetses Port ( 16 nm)
5. Spetses -Porto Cheli (4 nm)
6. Porto Cheli -Ermioni ( 14 nm)
7. Ermioni -Poros (21 nm)
8. Poros -Methana ( 12 nm)
9. Methana – Epidaurus ( 16 nm)
10. Epidaurus -Agkistri (8 nm)
11. Agkistri -Aegina Port ( 7 nm)
12. Aegina Port – Alimos ( 18 nm)



1. Alimos-Athens – Agia Marina Aegina

Distance traveled - 14nm

Begin your yachting adventure from one of the largest marinas in Greece, Alimos Marina. Located in the South West of Athens, it is 15 km away from the city centre. Starting your sailing journey from Alimos Marina is quite an idea to find all inclusive services for a hassle-free ocean trip. A direct bus line from Athens International Airport stops at the Alimos Marina. With a well connected transportation facility, Alimos gives tourists easy access to its wonderful locations that are worth exploring. Enjoy the beach showers and sunbathing as you visit its lively beach. Besides, this place might give you some water sports goals as it offers amazing jet skiing and windsurfing for the beach enthusiasts.


2. Agia Marina Aegina - Moni Island 

Distance Traveled - 10nm

Yachting experience in the Saronic gulf includes incredible stops like Moni island that boasts the perfect blend of natural beauty & wild life. You are sure to fall in love with the clear waters, diverse animals, and friendly locals. Just a few 10 nm away from Aegina Marina is Moni Island which is home to the turquoise waters, steep mountains, and rock terrains to give you all in one experience. Hike up the mountain to the top and explore the 2 stones -forts that were used during the second world war for defence purposes. Besides, climbing up to the top will reward you with the amazing view of Aegina Island and Perdika.

You can’t miss out the magical colours of the sea and crystal clear waters. And that's why your yachting experience is done twice. During the end of May till the end of season, you will find this place filled with tourists spending time with animals like deer and peacocks on one side and seals habitats on the other. So, don’t forget to bring some food for them and be friends! At Moni island, you cannot help but cherish the beauty of nature's diversity that makes it a true paradise for nature lovers.


3. Moni Island – Hydra Port 

Distance traveled - 25nm

Hydra Port is one of the most popular yacht charter areas in Greece that lives from tourists trade. Sail 25 miles from Moni Island to Hydra port and you will be greeted with the bare monolithic ridge of limestone which is 12km long and 5km wide. If you love craft products, you cannot miss exploring, and buying the jewellery, pottery, embroidery, leather-work, and hand-woven clothes. Hydra’s speciality is its almond cake (amygdalota) that's sure to tickle your taste buds.

Hydra town presents a picturesque theme of slopy hills around the harbour on the north coast of the island. Famous among painters and intellectuals, this place has a unique alluring atmosphere. Visit an art collection and beautiful cloister at the conventional church of Panagia or the historically imposing mansions of shipowners and merchants. Hydra island is a place of ancient richness and beautiful landscape - if you are a cultural buff you will love it.


4. Hydra Port -Spetses Port 

Distance traveled - 16nm

Bearing a complex history and perfect beaches, the island of Spetses is where you find sites to explore all day. Although the history of Spetses is quite rich, the environment of this amazing place never fails to impress the tourists. As you sail through Saronic Gulf , stop by the Spetses port and explore the house of independence heroine Laskarina Bouboulina whose house is now transformed into a museum.

History of Spetses is fascinating but little alleys and charming black and white pebble mosaics decorate the courtyards here. The overall look of the town is absolutely charming. The frigates, billowing sails, octopuses, and mermaids designs used to enhance the beauty of this town is truly impressive to the tourists.

At the island’s traditional shipyards craftsmen boast the centuries old skill of repairing and building wooden vessels. Navy park nearby has a unique aura made with the pine trees, sea, and displayed wooden sculptures. The sculptures exhibit designs of mermaids made by Natalie Mela that will leave you in complete amazement. Additionally, the secluded Spetses beaches are perfect for swimming. Your day in Spetses will include memories of some endless strolls and unique atmosphere.

5. Spetses -Porto Cheli 

Distance traveled - 4nm

Few miles away from Spetses, your next destination Porto Heli (Also known as porto Cheli) offers a cosmopolitan atmosphere. Relax and reflect at the secluded coves of Heli where the atmosphere is calm and quiet for a perfect getaway. Frequently visited by Athenian families, the location gives easy access to road trips to Ancient Epidauris, Poros, Ermioni, Mycenae and Nafplion. Swim in the calm beaches of Porto Heli and enjoy your day under the warm sun lying on soft sands. When the afternoon arrives, lunch at a seaside tavern or drink in a lounge cafe bar will make your day a true delight.

The streets lined up by shops, restaurants, and hotels give liveliness to this place. While your stay here, dedicate your day for a hike or walks on the old footpaths around Heli that will lead you to some Chapels, settlements, and hilltops with breathtaking views. For cinema lovers, Porto Heli has an open-air cinema that gives a never-before experience during your yachting experience.

6. Porto Cheli - Ermioni 

Distance traveled - 14nm

Your next destination during yachting comes with the spectacular island called Ermioni. This piney island has villas covered with Peloponnese landscape and various hidden gems for you to explore. Did you know Ermioni was once famous for the production of royal purple? Ermioni has the history of deriving this color from the murex sea snail that once belonged to the royalty. Although this place is famous for family vacations, what’s best about Ermioni is diving.

There are a couple of diving centers that offer courses and organize diving trips for those who love underwater adventure. This place will give you a chance to explore the interesting reefs and uninhabited islets of the Saronic Gulf. Popular fish taverns here serve delicious fish and the clubs in Ermioni are ideal for a night out. With it’s dark-colored sand and calm beaches to long stretched beaches, this place has breathtaking nature that surrounds the shoreline of turquoise waters.

7. Ermioni - Poros 

Distance Traveled - 21nm

An ultimate Saronic experience is possible from Poros which is the center of the island’s activity. The beautiful island overlooks the Aegean sea and is located opposite to Galatas. A great selection of spas, shops, cafes, taverns and restaurants allow you to have relaxation and joy with luxury. The little aegean gem offers you experiences of lush vegetation, spectacular beaches, and picturesque villages with a vintage aura. The capital and the trademark of this island make it stand out as a town.

Witness the waterfront traditional taverns and restaurants turning vibrant as the sun goes down and lively street life begins to rise. While in Poros, you will have easy access to the beaches that are regarded as main assets due to their uniqueness of being located in tiny sandy coves and covered with lush greenery. The organized beaches of Poros like the Love Bay, Neorie, and the Askeli are the most popular beaches you should enjoy at. The clean and refreshing waters and smooth sand on the beach are truly irresistible. During Spring and Autumn, this place brings you some irresistible experiences with pleasant weather that perfectly matches the lush green landscape.

8. Poros -Methana 

Distance traveled - 12nm

From Poros, travel 12miles to the volcanic island of Methana that presents a stunning volcanic landscape. The two volcanic slopes, dense vegetation, village theme, and the diverse flora and fauna makes it a must-visit destination for the yachters. Besides, Methana is a famous spa town established with the formation of a spa complex in 1870. So, why not try the spa magic of Methana during your next yachting adventure in the Saronic Gulf.

Discover the impressive lava domes and craters that make it a special volcanic destination to explore. Make your vacation a unique experience by enjoying the thermal baths and hot springs in Methana. Also, this place has some of the impressive archaeological sites, age-old man-made terraces, and tiny fish villages that will keep you all-day busy with joy and amazement.

9. Methana – Epidaurus 

Distance traveled - 16nm

Epidaurus is the home to the God of healing! After Methana, your sailing experience in Saronic Gulf will bring you a unique experience of Epidaurus which is considered the birthplace of modern medicine. Once a sanctuary for wellness, this place attracts passionate travellers from all around the world. Explore the roots of European culture and get amazed with the fascinating secrets of healing cults of Ancient Greece. You see buildings made with excellent architecture and theatre that are masterpieces presenting a rich culture of this place.

You will witness Greek sanctuaries like the foundations of a hospital, well-preserved theatre, and spots where different athletic and artistic activities were organized. This place is a perfect destination to know the Greek roots. For years this place has attracted tourists with its historical charm of Greek people and their wonders.

10. Epidaurus -Agistri 

Distance traveled - 8nm

Roam around the unpopulated hills of Agistri located just 8 miles away from the historical gem Epidauraus. Get off your yacht and begin your day from Agistri coast that is trimmed with cliffs and greets you with the dense woodland. The glowing pools of clear water are best to bathe while you visit the family-friendly beaches in Agistri. Aponisos beach is famous for offering private bathing areas on rocks for the wanderers here. So, walk down the ladders and steps and indulge yourself in the clear waters for an ultimate refreshing experience.

While in Agistri, explore Skala which is the most upmarket settlement bearing taverns, cafe bars, and nightclubs right on the edge of the village. A must-try delicacy of Skala is the barbecued octopus which you must try at this amazing island. Missing some panoramic views? Head to Limeneria embedded in a valley gives an ultimate experience of beautiful sceneries of the Saronic Gulf. Another sight to savour is the 20th century church of Agioi Anargyroi that is the most photographed building in Agistri

11. Agistri -Aegina Port 

Distance traveled - 7nm

A day well spent in Agistri and your journey will lead you to the nearby Aegina port. Aegina is best for quick getaways. If you haven’t got enough of the Saronic gulf, this island will give you all the Greek feels. From the popular seaside resort to the secluded places, this colorful town has a lot to offer for a bustling day filled with joy and entertainment.

Stop by the great selection of cafes, restaurants and taverns and relax during your near to end moments of Saronic Gulf Yachting experience. Beaches aren’t many in numbers but the facilities around the beach are many. Also, stroll through the streets of Aegina and take unforgettable memories of monuments and temples with you.

12. Aegina Port – Alimos (18 nm)

Distance traveled - 18nm

Aegina port is 18 miles away from Alios from where you began your memorable journey. Alimos will probably greet you again with a busy port with the hustle of ships and yachts arriving towards and departing from the port. The view will become a memory and will remind you of the amazing yachting experience in the Saronic Gulf.

*  The above described itinerary is invitational and the final decision should be based on the weather conditions and the judgment of the skipper.

Sailing is great and Saronic Gulf experience is unparalleled for the islands bearing natural beauty, rich history, and places full of life. We propose to you the itinerary that will stay in your memories forever. It’s time to begin this adventure in one of our charter yacht.
So are you ready?