Caribbean -Transantlantic -Mediterranean Sailing


A multi destination voyage with many joining options in various ports with our  ocean rated sailing yacht

 1. LE MARIN MARTINIQUE (15/2/2021-20/3/2021)
4. NASSAU BAHAMAS - BERMUDA HAMILTON (24/4/2021-29/4/2021)
6. AZORES HORTA - AZORES HORTA (15/5/2021-19/6/2021)
7. AZORES HORTA - LISBON (19/6/2021-26/6/2021)
8. LISSABON – MALAGA (26/6/2021-3/7/2021)
9. MALAGA - PALMA DE MALLORCA (3/7/2021-10/7/2021)
10. PALMA DE MALLORCA - OLBIA SARDINIA (10/7/2021-17/7/2021)
11. OLBIA SARDINIA – NEAPEL (17/7/2021-24/7/2021)
12. NEAPEL – NEAPEL (24/7/2021-28/8/2021)
13. NEAPEL – CORFU (28/8/2021-4/9/2021)
14. CORFU – LEFKAS (4/9/2021-11/9/2021)
15. LEFKAS-ATHENS (11/9/2021-18/9/2021)

Sailing Itinerary

Wake up in an entirely new place almost every morning, get ready for your first sunset in Martinique or the last in Athens that’s what our multi destination Caribbean and Mediterranean sailing itinerary brings in. Feel the thrill, the wilderness, the warmth that caresses your face and the breeze that fingers your hair. Revel in the sun on the spacious deck of our luxurious yacht in privacy or make the most of the equipment arsenal available on board. As you sail through, you will have an opportunity to learn, experiment, and train basic knowledge whilst cruising on our modern cruising yacht.

No other destination in the world offers such a range of beautiful islands, crystal clear waters, and pleasant sailing conditions as the Caribbean Sea. Explore Martinique , Dominican Republic, Nassau Bahamas and so many breathtaking destinations in Caribbean. Continue your sailing at your initiative in challenging Transatlantic crossing for exploring the astonishing Bermudas or Azores. On final voyage odyssey, select preferred embarkation port if you are not already part of this unique experience and sail the Mediterranean from West to East. Cross Gibraltar strait and after many unforgettable destinations like Palma de Mallorca, Olbia Sardinia, Neapel and astonishing Isola de Capri and Ischia , reach well known tourist destination of Corfu in Greece. You can disembark there or continue your voyage to Lefkas and after crossing impressive Corinth canal , you will reach to the final destination of our yacht in Athens for the completion of this spectacular voyage.

At any part of the voyage you can hop on or hop off as per listed itinerary. Select your preferred route and become part of this unforgettable experience.

About our Sailing yacht   and Crew

Our beautiful sailing yacht is a 50 ft  yacht, with five double cabins , all en-suite with private bathroom and shower.
Yacht has an international classification A3 GMDSS rating, with all required equipment onboard able to navigate worldwide including open sea and oceans.
Yacht has already crossed Atlantic Ocean and is a proven trustworthy and comfortable yacht for demanding sailing excursions in Mediterranean and Atlantic.

It is chartered with its professional crew, available for a group of people or independent cabins for couples. Our professional skipper is RYA licensed with Yachtmaster Ocean & RYA Sailing Instructor rating, is navigating our yacht with a professional sailing experience of more than 70.000 covered Miles including many Transatlantic crossings.




The sun shines all year round in the glorious Caribbean. The daily temperatures remain consistent throughout the year with only 5°C separating the warmest and coldest months of the year. The Caribbean enjoys its dry season between December and May, with refreshing rain showers arriving between June and November. Splendid sailing conditions are ensured by the easterly winds that rarely affect this tranquil paradise. Enjoy the most of Caribbean heaven while our sailing yacht  is navigating in Caribbean until end of April when she will start her magnificent voyage to cross Atlantic and return to Greece.

Le Marin in Martinique
Weekly charter round voyage at client's decision in islands and places around departure port
Anticipated Departure Date: Feb 15, 2021
Approx. Distance: 0
Anticipated Arrival Date: March 20, 2021

Set at the end of a beautiful lagoon, Le Marin is just a short ride from the airport. As you are reading this, our 50 ft yacht, with 5 double cabins is available with its captain for weekly charter for a group of people or independent cabins for couples at our base in Le Marin. Our dedicated team is ready to look after you, giving you local tips and advice as you pursue your local travel.

Martinique is one of the French Caribbean's shining jewels and has everything you might need for an incredible yachting experience. You will be amazed to see how much love, fun, beauty, and mesmerizing this place brings in. From its black sand on the north coast to the white sandy beach on its south coast, you will have many opportunities to swim and snorkeling among coral reefs. Visit pretty fishing villages, hot springs, lush rainforests, and rugged peaks that will add a great touch to your journey. Below, the beautiful view of Le Diamant Beach in Martinique.

Le Marin Martinique → Cap Cana Dominican Republic

1 way charter in the Caribbean with departure port Le Marin Martinique and arrival port Cap the Cana Dominican Republic

Anticipated Departure Date: March 20, 2021
Approx. Distance: 480 miles
Anticipated Arrival Date: April 9, 2021

With a truly laid-back, warm, and friendly environment, there is no better way to explore this stress-free haven that’s ideal for luxury and romance. While navigating to Cap Cana, you can try a pause to pursue your wild adventures as soon as you reach the tiny island of St Thomas in Virgin Islands in the middle of the voyage . With so many attractions within the vicinity of the St. Thomas , you will have incredible options for kayaking, snorkeling, biking, beaching, and the new Tree Limin' Extreme Zipline. The zipline treats you to magnificent views of Magens Bay, which is about 2 miles up the hill from Charlotte Amalie. Looking for spending some time downtown in the sand and surf, head to Magens Bay.

In Cap Cana you can visit and swim at the renowned Hoyo Azul (a natural underground water lagoon) at Scape Park or sail with the yacht along the beautiful coast of Juanillo Beach where you will get a chance to swim and snorkel at the ocean pools along the coast. You are going to have a lifetime experience as you go for a cruise in the turquoise waters of Punta Cana in Dominican Republic. 

Les Anses-d'Arlet in Martinique 

Impressive Hoyo Azul underewater laggon in Capa Cana in Domincan Republic



Cap Cana Dominican Republic → Nassau Bahamas
1 way charter in the Caribbean with departure port Cap Cana Dominican Republic and arrival port Nassau Bahamas
Anticipated Departure Date: April 10, 2021
Approx. Distance: 540 miles
Anticipated Arrival Date: April 23, 2021

The Bahamas is better on a boat, & in our case - on a yacht. The possibilities of your next Nassau charter are endless. Begin your first day in paradise that’s sure to fill your dream of visiting a tropical utopia and the bustling metropolitan capital. The island is beautiful, and Nassau is touristy for a reason!
You will explore the most exquisite cruising grounds, turquoise waters, and unrivaled anchorages in the Western Hemisphere. Once you are here, it will make you come again. Get ready for whizzing around these cerulean waters, enjoy world-class snorkeling and diving, and a real sense of adventure with your expert crew. Our crewed yacht charter clients love the Bahamas and everything it offers.
When on the eastern shore, it's time to get into the water and discover the full entertainment arsenal available, whether you like fancy wakeboarding, paddleboarding, or using your scuba diving equipment. Once you have reached Shroud Cay or Paradise Island, enjoy the gorgeous glow of the sunset from the comfort of your yacht.

Beautiful gazebo  in beach Cap Cana, Dominican Republic 


Paradise Island Lighthouse in Nassau Bahamas 



Nassau Bahamas → Bermuda Hamilton

1-way charter Transatlantic crossing with departure port Nassau Bahamas and arrival port Bermuda Hamilton
Anticipated Departure Date: April 24, 2021
Approx. Distance: 744 miles
Anticipated Arrival Date: April 29, 2021

Experience luxury, tranquility and the ocean’s majesty as you sail through this beautiful part of the world. Although Bermuda is infamous, the legends and gossip are buried beneath this Overseas British Territory's modern reputation as a spectacular tropical heaven with over four centuries of history to stumble upon. You will love interacting with friendly locals, mesmerize unique beaches, and enjoy scenic walks.
Bermuda has almost the same weather conditions throughout the year as Caribbean. It enjoys shelter off an off-shore reef that protects against the worst weather. Explore the fantastic snorkeling and scuba diving sites around the coral reefs and secluded beaches to unwind and play away from the main routes. Our yacht charter will help you maximise your time visiting Bermuda's multiple attractions.


 Altantis in Nassau -Bahamas 

Bermuda Hamilton beach 

Bermuda Hamilton → Azores Faial Horta 
1-way charter Transatlantic crossing with departure port Bermuda Hamilton and arrival port Azores Faial Horto
Anticipated Departure Date: April 29, 2021
Approx. Distance: 1820 miles
Anticipated Arrival Date: May 14, 2021

Azores, is the wondrous island in the heart of the Atlantic Ocean. The islands’ temperature, & subtropical weather is perfect for your yacht sailing plans. You will sail through the rainbow of colors, and witness conifer forests that offer picturesque hot springs and high, dazzling waterfalls in the mountains dotted across each island. Explore the rich reefs filled with wondrous varieties of sea life, discover sheltered inlets and beaches, stop and enjoy a dive into the crystalline waters of the Atlantic— Trust me, navigating the seas around the Azores offers a mystical experience.

You will fall in love with the blue island that offers a perfect retreat for nature lovers. Faial has an abundance of blue hydrangeas - that’s where its name comes from. It is a pentagonal shaped island and third most populous island of the Archipelago with 14,994 inhabitants. Hike the pathway around the rim and get rewarded with the beautiful volcanic cone at the top of Caldeira crater from where you can see the amazing view of sailing boats on the ocean, and ochre walls of a fortress. If you are lucky enough to be in Faial during the morning, don’t miss a memorable sunrise sight over the lagoon Baia do Porto Pim in historical Horta town.


Yacht boats on blue sea water in Hamilton, Bermuda


 Lagoon Baia do Porto Pim in historical Horta town in Azores



Azores Horta → Azores Horta

Weekly charter round voyage at client's decision in islands and places around departure port for whale watching and Sailing

Anticipated Departure Date: May 15, 2021
Approx. Distance: 0
Anticipated Arrival Date: June 19, 2021

Anybody sailing into the Azores feels the thrill. Peace and tranquility reign over this fashionable stop-over for transatlantic yachts between the Caribbean Islands and the Mediterranean. You will feel the heavenly vibes as you witness pastel painted buildings, the majestic churches, and splendid views across the harbor.
Located in the east coast of Faial in the Azores, Horta is a natural harbor home to the busiest marinas in the world. Colorful yachts bob within the walls of the busiest marina in Horta - the Charming Capital of Faial Island in the Azores. From the port, you will see beautiful views of Pico volcano on the Pico island.

If there is time during your weekly charter , it is worth sailing up to Pico da Cruz at Sao Miguel, where  you can enjoy the panoramic view of Crater Sete Cidades and the magnificent lake in the midle of the island. 

As you move to the far end of the marina inAzore Horta, you will discover the Fort of Santa Cruz which was built during the sixteenth century. This fort signifies the amazing history of the Azores. Just like Santa Cruz, there are various other cultural spots famous for the extraordinary tales and architecture.

During your charter in Azores , whales and dolphins can be seen while sailing around along with turtles, seabirds and other marine wildlife. It is a very common excursion for many tourists to sail with public boats for this unique experience and you can have the privilege of having your own yacht to spent all the time you want for exploring this magnificent opportunity.

 Pico da Cruz at Sao Miguel Crater Sete Cidades in Azores and the lake in the midle of the island. 



Azores Horta → Lisbon
1-way charter Transatlantic crossing with departure port Azores Horta and arrival port Lisbon

Anticipated Departure Date: June 19, 2021
Approx. Distance: 930 miles
Anticipated Arrival Date: June 26, 2021

During the journey you will witness the stunning Portuguese city, and its beautiful bridges, from an exclusive vantage point. Along with some of the most prestigious wineries in the city, we will pass emblematic landmarks such as the Vasco de Gama bridge. Your yacht sailing is an opportunity to relax and enjoy the fantastic views on offer of one of Portugal's most charming cities.
As you reach Lisbon you will have an opportunity to learn, experiment, and get basic knowledge about history and architecture of the city that’s full of narrow streets and stairs. Don't miss inspiring Monument to the Discoveries in Belem waterfront and impressive Belem tower.

 Lisbon, Belem tower at sunset, Lisboa - Portugal

Lisbon → Malaga ( Via Gibraltar)
1-way charter crossing Gibraltar Strait with departure port Lisbon and arrival port Malaga
Anticipated Departure Date: June 26, 2021
Approx. Distance: 350 miles
Anticipated Arrival Date: July 3, 2021

Taking the unforgettable memories of Lisbon with you on your sailing journey, your next destination on our yacht charter is Malaga. Uncover just the surprises of how much Portugal, Spain and Morocco share to make this place worth a visit. Be ready to say ‘yes I have been to this large city where Pablo Picasso was born!’. Cruise along the Algarve and cherish the quieter parts of its coast.

See the variety this place offers with beaches, hike trails, cultural sites and museums and excellence at its peak after crossing  Gibraltar Strait to your way to Malaga, which is the only link between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. This is the place where nature lovers meet making it one of the busiest waterways in the world. 

Due to strong current from the Atlantic Ocean into the Mediterranean Sea, you will see a great number of fish populations. You can expect warm temperatures even in September because of the sunny days that make it worthy of the title ‘Costa del Sol’ which means the 'sun coast'. Besides marine life under the sea, you will witness the sky with some beautiful migratory birds.

If you are on schedule, visiting the impressive Gibraltar rock and climbing to the top via the cable car to gaze the astonishing view and busy shipping route of the place where Mediterranean sea meets Atlantic ocean is an unforgettable experience. Watch out the little monkeys – Gibraltar Rock residents since a long time ago who keep going around freely and became one of the most popular touristic attraction of Gibraltar Rock. 

Gibraltar Rock 

 Cityscape of Malaga, Andalusia, Spain

Port Malaga → Palma de Mallorca
1 way charter along costa Blanca and Ibiza with departure port Malaga and arrival port Palma de Mallorca
Anticipated Departure Date: July 3, 2021
Approx. Distance: 400 miles
Anticipated Arrival Date: July 10, 2021


After your departure of Malaga, 70 miles prior your arrival to Palma de Mallorca , is world famous Ibiza.  The Marina in Ibiza is filled with yachts and your visit there is rewarded with some amazing views of boats bobbing in the Mediterranean sea. Don’t forget to experience the Ibiza party action; an ideal place for boozy backpackers who are in constant search of thrill.

After deparure of Ibiza , on your final way to Palma de Mallorca , you will pass from other astonishing spots of Balearic Islands view miles prior to your final destination of Palma de Mallorca where you can have an unforgatable view of Cabrera island. 

Palma de Mallorca is more about intimacy and style. Often compared with Barcelona, this city offers the unique luxury of hotels, restaurants, cafes, and amazing nightlife. Palma de Mallorca is located in the south of the island from where you can have the sight of the shimmering Mediterranean sea. One thing that is a must in Palma de Mallorca is the holiday coast called Costa Blanca which is famous among visitors & locals alike. The coast boasts some of the lively beaches and social environment. Urban beaches in Palma de Mallorca will definitely grab your attention with its tranquility and beauty. 

Visit Palma’s old town full of ancient passages, jaw-dropping architecture and historic monuments and get amazed with the abundance of refreshment stops on your way making your exploration easy for you.


View from Torre des Savinar Tower San Jose in Balearic Islands -Ibiza


Palma de Mallorca → Olbia Sardinia

1-way charter sailing the Mediterranean with departure port Palma de Mallorca and arrival port Olbia in Sardinia
Anticipated Departure Date: July 10, 2021
Approx. Distance: 325 miles
Anticipated Arrival Date: July 17, 2021
Cruise through the pearly white beaches of Sardinia's northeast coast in Olbia; Ancient greek name for “happiness”. The beautiful sparkling Costa Smeralda here and its busiest ferry port attract jet-setters and film stars from different corners of the world. Also, you will see some fashion geeks arrive to indulge in 'la dolce vita' Sardinian-style that offers a fun dose that is like nothing else.
Once a little fishing village, Olbia has now grown to become Sardinia’s busiest ferry port attracting tourists from all around the world with its international airport and plenty of tourist amenities. Indulge in the most extravagant historic centre filled with boutiques, wine bars, and restaurants. While cruising, you will fall in love with the views of the countryside covered in aromatic wild herbs, the macchia, and the surrounding glowing sea.

La Pelosa Stintino - Beautiful coast of sardinia in the north just few miles prior to Olbia, is worth visiting. 


Olbia main port 


Olbia Sardinia → Naples
1- way charter sailing the Mediterranean with departure port Olbia Sardinia
Anticipated Departure Date: July 17, 2021
Approx. Distance: 230 miles
Anticipated Arrival Date: July 24, 2021

Next on our unique voyage is Neapel - the masterpiece of Italy , boasting some extraordinary art to the crowd of visitors. Once settled by Greeks and conquered by the Romans later, Naples has been the ground of wars and some impressive tales that makes it culturally rich and worth a discovery.
Few miles prior to your arrival in Naples, are located the cosmopolitan islands Capri and Ischia which are definitely worth a visit. Just laying on the rock by the edge with water enjoying this spectacular view or climb uphill by Capri Funicular to gaze across the deep blue waters of Tyrrhenian sea, are both unforgettable experiences that will leave you one of the most wonderful memories of your voyage.
Upon arrival in Naples , head to the most impressive castles, palaces, chateaux, and medieval towns or step back in time with a visit to the elegant 16th and 17th-century panoramas, and various cultural sites. Find Museo Archeologico Nazionale that boasts the world's finest collection of Pompeian frescoes and mosaics. Don’t forget to explore Italy's unique marble sculptures at Cappella Sansevero Italy's while you visit many historical attractions around.
In addition few miles driving or even sailing from Naples , you can visit the famous ancient city of Pompeii which was destroyed in 79 CE when a nearby volcano, Mount Vesuvius, erupted. It will be a remarkable experience to witness the city's quick burial which preserved it for centuries before its ruins were discovered in the late 16th century.

 Isola di Capri 

Naples → Naples
Weekly charter round voyage at client's decision in islands and places around departure port
Anticipated Departure Date: July 24, 2021
Approx. Distance: 0
Anticipated Arrival Date: August 28, 2021

Naples has one of the world’s largest historic centers. Here you will be able to experience the most suitable Mediterranean climate and warm waters. It’s also a prime spot to sail the Amalfi coast, Capri and the many outstanding nearby islands. Naples is a vast city full of life. From Sorrento to Positano and Ischia to Ponza and Capri, this historic coast and archipelagos will enthrall  you with nature reserves, delicious Italian food and traces of ancient civilizations.
Food is celebrated in Naples like a royalty everyday! From morning to night, only the best food is served here. You will see that the streets are full of life and chaos as you will roam around for some souvenirs. From food delights to buzzy streets, your visit to Naples will be a never ending amazement.

Photo below is the Aragonese Castle which is the most visited landmark near Ischia island 

 City of Naples, Italy

Neaples → Corfu
1-way charter sailing Adriatic sea with departure port Neapel and arrival port Corfu via Messina Strait
Anticipated Departure Date: August 28, 2021
Approx. Distance: 430 miles
Anticipated Arrival Date: September 4, 2021

A largely developed tourism destination, Corfu is an island no one wants to miss. Indulge yourself in some high-end water sports like diving, windsurfing and kitesurfing. This place is full of thrill with its organized diving activities and exploration of underwater caves and old shipwrecks. Get to the northern side of the island which is popular for diving. Whole of Corfu offers beautiful beaches where you can enjoy windsurfing and kite surfing. Although you have to bring your own equipment for the activity or rent them , you won’t be able to stop yourself from experiencing it.

On the way to Corfu, you will pass via Messina Strait where and you can have a very intresting stop in Isola Bella island and beach in Taormina Sicily, definitely worth visiting. 

Besides the tranquility of beaches, you will find some adventure in the countryside offering popular hiking sites. If you don’t find yourself all overwhelmed with the adventures of Corfu, head to a true gem Agni Bay; a gorgeous historic fishing village to experience island life. Complete an ideal visit by roaming around the Corfu city and spot the historic Venetian houses that are still standing today. From some of the beautiful private spots to relax to hustle bustle of the city, Corfu is all you need for a perfect getaway.


Isola Bella island and beach in Taormina Sicily


Pontikonisi Corfu 

Corfu → Lefkas
1-way charter sailing Ionian sea with departure port Corfu and arrival port Lefkas
Anticipated Departure Date: September 4, 2021
Approx. Distance: 62 miles
Anticipated Arrival Date: September 11, 2021

Lefkas, one of the Greek islands, is home to barely-touched beaches where peace meets purity. Famous for wild olive groves and sparkling blue-green waters as far as the eye can see, this island is the real-deal Greece you all want to see. Head to Agios ioannis in nearby Meganisi island to spend your days with authentic tavernas offered by this crescent-shaped bay and visit the relaxing beach bars while you enjoy stunning sea views. The lovely inland villages, whether it is Lygia or Nidri and Porto Katsiki, you will find a tranquil environment everywhere. Head to the beautiful scenes of forested mountains and find the natural beauty of a canyon that leads to Nidri Waterfalls.
These unspoiled beaches and peaceful spots in Lefkas makes it a must visit place on this part of the unique voyage of our sailing yacht for an ideal getaway. Photo below of magnificant Porto Katsiki



Lefkas town by night 


Lefkas → Athens
1-way charter sailing Ionian sea with departure port Corfu and arrival port Athens
Anticipated Departure Date: September 11, 2021
Approx. Distance: 190 miles
Anticipated Arrival Date: September 18, 2021

In this final part of the voyage, navigation is done for the last 190 miles via the impressive Isthmus canal in Corinth with the 8 bridges linking Greece’s mainland with Peloponnese peninsula. The experience of crossing the canal with your own yacht is definitely one of those moments you will very consciously experience and you will enjoy every minute of it.
During sailing to Athens, the spectacular bridge of Rio Antirio has to be crossed also which is one of the world's longest multi-span cable-stayed bridges and longest of the fully suspended type.
There are many islands in the way to Athens such as Trizonia , Aegina and Agkistri which are all of them worth a quick stop for exploring the little secret paradise and the many outstanding beaches on our way to Athens.
The historic Greek city of Athens is world-famous for its historic charm that every person in their right mind wants to explore. Consider climbing up to the sacred rock of the Acropolis and witness the eye-catching site of some of the most important masterpieces of worldwide architecture and art. Visit the most renowned of all the architectural masterpieces the Parthenon temple and the beautiful view of the city. Within the distance of 300m, see the impressive Acropolis Museum that boasts the most important contemporary works of architecture in the city.
Besides the cultural heritage of Athens, you can witness the sweeping views of the city by hiking up the forested slope of Lycabettus Hill or hop on the cable car to the top. Your next visit to Athens will have its own charm of diversity of attractions.



So this is what our proposed unique voyage looks like with our beautiful sailing yacht. We are excited to bring you this route with our astonishing multi destinations sailing itinerary. Our experienced crew and the professionalism of our company guarantees you for an adorable experience. Select one or more weeks sailing in Caribbean for relaxing vacation , demanding but at the same time so unique Transantlantic crossing or odyssey route sailing in some of the Mediterranean destinations.

It’s your choice, tailored to your preferences.

Looking forward to see you onboard!