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Options are endless

When in Greece you can’t go wrong with wandering around charming streets. For the past decade or so, this magical country has been chilling at the top of the adventure enthusiasts’  list. If you have finally got a chance to travel in Greece, save Athens for another time, and focus your time on some gorgeous Greek islands , with island hopping with your yacht in various island destinations. And, here’s how you can make your sailing  itinerary memorable.

Our company offers to its clients a big selection of yachts for every desire including monohull sailing yachts, catamarans, and luxurious power boats. Offered fleet is available by company’s own yachts and approved cooperating partners with the superior warranty of Booking Manager services.

MY Holidays -Mediterranean Yachting Holidays is approved as a “Golden Partner” by the world prominent and reputable MMK and ensures the excellence of the offered charter yachts to be adequate of our clients’ expectation for a dream yachting holiday.

Choose among our yachts with options for a small yacht just for a couple, medium size yachts suitable for a family or a group of friends ,up to prestigious yachts of a size 50+ ft for elegant yachting holidays or even business meetings and corporate events.

All the yachts appearing in company’s website are available for instant booking with online availability.

If you are fan of speed or limited by time, you can choose a prestigious powerboat for taking advantage of the high speed and experience in short time as many as possible unique destinations during your charter.

For sailors who appreciate the tranquillity of a voyage with a sailing yacht, options are endless of spacious sailing catamarans for great luxury and privacy , to sailing monohulls of every size and amenities that can be imagined.

From purely sailing boats for the demanding sailors who seek the challenge in demanding wind conditions and are not interested for amenities, to luxury cruisers that although still sailing boats, provide a variety of comfort facilities including internet, TVs, air-condition, electric generators, water makers and various other benefits.

Select from our suggested itineraries the preferred route or plan your own with the ultimate freedom that a yacht can provide to the privileged charterers.

Take advantage of our skipper’s deep knowledge of the magnificent destinations to plan the perfect itinerary basis on your wishes or explore on your own as the captain of the yacht the potential of the ultimate freedom which is offered when onboard a yacht.

Options are endless, as the desire for your dream vacation with our yachts!

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